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Legend of Korra Hentai Story: "Workout"

It felt good, no; it felt amazing. The burning feeling in her muscles, this was what she needed; adrenalin racing through her veins, punching and kicking with everything she had. It was good to release her anger through something else than firebending for once, it worked. Korra knew she’d probably be completely sore the next day, but right now she couldn’t find herself caring enough about that, the only thing that counted right now was letting out the anger and frustration. Which was piled up; it was a lot. The punch-bag in front of her, which was filled with hay that was actually meant for the Sky Bison, had been a good idea of the Avatar. At least Tenzin had looked pleased earlier about the young Avatar choosing for this rather than firebending, he knew how Korra could be very impulsive without thinking about possible consequences; she had improved in many ways.
“Korra, there are some noodles and lychee juice here for when you take a break, alright?” Korra vaguely heard Pema say in a kind voice, Korra just nodded firmly without stopping her punches and kicking. Distantly she heard Pema walk away again, at least that was what Korra thought she heard at that moment.
Her shirt was already off, the only thing on her chest covering her breasts were her bindings. Her back now had small pearls of sweat on it, just like her temples, forehead, armpits, stomach and anywhere else where there were folds in her skin. Korra roughly wiped her armband over her forehead, wiping away the sweat and decided she’d use some weights to lift. Mentally she thanked chief Lin Bei Fong, she was the one who told Korra she could use them, since the chief could metalbend herself new ones easily. Korra sat down on the low stone wall, kicked off her boots and grabbed the lychee juice; drinking it all at once. She shot a glance at the noodles and decided to eat them right now, after finishing those she’d get back to work again.
They tasted good, very good in fact; the Avatar would Continue reading

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Korra Hentai Story: "Wanting"

Chapter 1: Seethe
Mako is seething.
This much Korra can tell, and she can’t really blame him.
She hadn’t known that going after Amon would destroy the only home that he and Bolin had ever had. When she blasted fire after Amon, she had be too angry, too reckless. She had meant to scorch the man who had placed fear and uncertainty into her heart for the first time.
Except she had burned their home and everything that they owned to the ground.
Korra can’t even look at him because she knows this is her fault. When Amon ascended into the pro-bending arena towards to attic that the two brothers shared she hadn’t thought twice. She hadn’t heard Mako’s desperate plea to wait until it was already too late.
Bolin had been amazingly quiet when he had seen the damage. He didn’t say a word to her before walking out, she had not seen him since.
Tenzin had assured her that he would cover all of the repairs and told her that the brothers could stay with them while their home was being re-built. Even then, her teacher’s gaze was saturated in disappointment.
Currently, she sat in her room and Mako sits on the futon that Pema had laid out for him.
She can’t stand the silence anymore. “Maybe we should look for Bolin?”
She nearly gasps when he turns his eyes to her, full of rage. He doesn’t speak.
Korra wants to be angry with him, in fact, she can feel the signs of her own ire stirring with in her at his silence, but she squashes it down. She doesn’t understand loss. How could she when she’d had everything provided for her since she was a child? Being the Avatar was Continue reading

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Korra Hentai Story: "Korra’s hentai stories: Together"

“I still can’t believe we actually won!” she exclaims giddily. “Like, we actually won the whole tournament!”

Mako grins down at her, opening the door to his and Bolin’s room.

“Yep,” he smirks. “We did it.”

Korra skips into the room, still feeling like she’s walking on clouds; she can’t remember ever having felt so happy, nor ever having seen Mako this happy. They’ve been out celebrating the whole evening €“ it’s past midnight now, and the two of them had decided to head home, leaving Bolin with multiple girls swooning over him.

She’d given her share of the winnings to the brothers; she doesn’t need or want the money, and she knows how much the winnings had meant to Mako; she’s sure Mako and Bolin are going to invest in an apartment of their own as soon as they can.

Mako shuts the door, stepping past her and lighting a candle on the table by the window.

She dances around the room, laughing, utterly happy, aware of Mako’s penetrating gaze following her every move. She stops and looks at him.

“What is it?” she asks curiously.

He shakes his head and clears his throat awkwardly.

“Nothing,” he mutters. “Just thinking.”

She nods, unconvinced. “Uh-huh.”

Korra pads over to him and meets his heated gaze.

“What’s on your mind?” she murmurs softly, knowing something’s bothering him. She takes his hand in hers, eyes still fixed firmly on his handsome face.

“Korra€¦” he whispers, and before she knows it, his lips are pressed gently to hers, his hands cupping her face. Her eyes widen in shock and surprise befor Continue reading

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Korra Sex

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Legend of Korra Hentai

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Korra Hentai

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Asami give Mako a nice blowjob while he struggles to keep in his cum…

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Porn

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Cartoon Sex

Tenzin and his wife finally get some alone time to enjoy themselves to the fullest…
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Avatar Korra Hentai

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After Tenzin grounded them the airbenders decide to make the best of their time alone…

Avatar The Last Airbender The Legend Of Korra Hentai

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Hentai of Korra: Desire

Mako stares out across the bay at Air Temple Island from the best vantage point in the entire arena complex; a window from his and his brothers modest living quarters. Days ago after the news of the Avatar being in the city had hit the newspapers Mako had been sitting in this same spot. He wasn’t able to help himself then. He had seen her picture, and was instantly struck with the thought of she’s cute… and he was able to look at where she lives almost any time he wanted. Mako had thought that his window was the closest he would be able to get to the Avatar. After all, she was the Avatar. She was in training, and probably spent all her days training in airbending. Also, being the Avatar surely meant she was very spiritual, why would she even be interested in pro-bending, let alone acknowledge it’s existence? Or so he had thought just days ago. He never expected their two completely different worlds to collide.
So here he is again, gazing out at the Ava…Korra’s home, not quite content but not quite brooding either. How could he have been such a jerk? To her, of all people. Mako runs the scenario through his mind over and over. He still does not believe that he had failed to recognize her. Mako was used to Bolin bringing girl after girl to watch their matches, so used to it in fact that he had stopped caring. Instead, Mako always stayed focus on the match ahead of him. So even though his brain acknowledged that this new girl was in a Water Tribe get-up, it hadn’t mad Continue reading

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